Frequently Asked Questions

Bath Resurfacing

JD BathRestore Bath Resurfacing and Repair

What area do you cover?
Edinburgh, Central Scotland, Glasgow, Fife, Perthshire, the Scottish Borders and other areas further afield on request.

When can I use my bath again after resurfacing?
You can use your bath again after 24 hours.

Do I have to remove taps, overflow and outlet?
No – but if you are replacing these items they do need removing before re-surfacing takes place. Note – removal of these fittings can often be quite difficult and your local plumber may be required.

Can I change the colour of my bath?
Yes – from colour to white is very popular.

Are you a franchise?
No – an independent company.

Will there be any mess after the work is done?
No – there will be no mess. All tiles and sanitary ware will be masked off from dust and coatings.

We are refurbishing our bathroom – what stage do you come in?
Ideally, you should have your bath resurfaced after your bathroom refurbishment.

Will my taps, waste and overflow have to be removed? 
There will be no need for them to be removed, we will not damage your existing fixtures. However, if you plan on replacing those items we recommend you get this done first.

How durable will the new surface be?
Very hard wearing with excellent gloss retention under normal conditions.

How do I keep my baths new surface looking like new?
Your bath will be easy to clean using a soft sponge and spray-on cleaners – avoid using abrasive cream cleaners such as vim and scouring pads.

What will be the final appearance of my bath?
Deep gloss wet look finish easy to clean surface.

How long will it take to resurface my bath?
It generally takes between 5 and 6 hours.